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BLAZE Business Accelerator is a premier transformational program specifically tailored for business owners and their employees. This program takes your business to the next level of performance and productivity while strengthening the entire organization's ability to create ongoing results.



  • A clear vision for your business, your work enviroment and your relationships. 

  • Support to help you create a detailed plan of action for your one year business goals .

  • Support and accountability for plan implementation.

  • Ongoing training and coaching to create new patterns in your thinking and your habits.

  • A long-term structure for creating ongoing success in your business and work.  


What's Included in the Program?

  • An initial assessment of your business to understand your greatest needs and desires for growth.
  • 14-weeks of weekly training and coaching to support you and your employees.
  • An additional 12 weeks of bi-monthly coaching and accountability sessions with you and your employees as you implement your organized plan. 
  • A post-assessment of your business to measure growth and determine steps for further growth.


To download a program outline for BLAZE, Click Here


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What is the time investment each week?  

A:  For employees, approximately 45 mnutes of direct coaching time is required each week.  Employees will also be given "Life Practices" to implement in their  daily schedule each week.    For management/owners, an additional 15 to 30 minutes per week is required for specialized training and coaching.


Q: Is the program mandatory for all employees involved in the business.

A:  It's up to the employer if they want to make this program mandatory.  However, we recommend that each person voluntarily commits to the program after we complete a 90-minute introduction with all employees.  We believe that employees will receive much more from the coaching when they are ready to receive it.  


Q:  What is the financial investment for this program?

A:  The required investment is dependent upon the size of the business and is considerably lower than individual coaching rates.  


Q:  How is this program unique?  

A:  This is a full-spectrum program that integrates a shift in thinking patterns with an organized plan process while also providing ongoing expert support and accountability over a six month period.  This provides enough time to fully install new structures in the business for ongoing success.  




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