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Group Coaching

Group Coaching is an ideal alternative to Individual Coaching.  All teaching and coaching is done in a virtual group setting.  You may have a small question one week and a larger question another week, either way this format makes each session of great value as others listen in, because participants often have similar concerns/issues; and everyone benefits.

You leverage all the insights of the group and the diversity of the group adds to the experience when everyone stays involved. 

There is the
added flexibility to meet with your busy schedule.  You can attend each coaching call, some of the calls, or only part of a call.  Each call is recorded and uploaded to a private member only website, where you can re-listen to a call or listen to a call you missed.  You may even download the recordings to your computer or iPod and listen while your drive, workout, or even while doing the dishes.

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A $250 value, these  one-on-one Strategy Sessions allow you to begin blueprinting your vision and discover key next steps to bridge the gap between your current life and the life you would love to live.  For a limited time, Reuben and Tina are offering these sessions complimentary. Space is limited for this opportunity to begin your journey towards living your dreams.