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"In a little over nine months, Tina and Reuben have helped me fully implement some simple but powerful skills that have helped me to get unstuck through a shift in my thinking and in my attitude. I never realized how much one small shift in daily activities could make such a huge difference,  They've helped me to totally shift the way that I tackle my challenges, to notice what I'm noticing, to pause myself when I notice a pattern that isn't serving me and to live from my vision and dreams.  Because of them, I'm now living my dream of owning and operating my own spa!"


- Kayla Bryson, Spa Owner, Sylva NC



"I'm really grateful for the shifts that Reuben and Tina have helped me make in my life.  With the exception of my parents and a few very close friends, I've never experienced anyone invest as much time in me and in my life as they have."


-  Jon Taylor, Art Director for Ark Encounter, Cleveland, OH

"Most of us have to "practice" at being compassionate, generous and wise -- Tina and Rueben actually embody these traits naturally. What they bring to the table is experience and wisdom that is beyond our physical world -- the kind of experience and wisdom that makes one stand up and see what extraordinary people these are.  Their pairing is perfect! If they were a human brain, Tina would be the right-half, with her creative solution to almost everything and a "anything is possible" attitude. And Rueben would be the left-half with his sharp, down to earth, no-nonsense, practical, "lets get it done" attitude.  This winning combination
allows big dreams to come true.

- Kurt Fisher, Cashiers NC

"After attending a workshop with Tina and Reuben...I walked away filled with optimism, with an added feeling of control over what I can do with my life, my dreams, my future and my happiniess....Confidence or belief is half the battle. In just a short time no longer did reaching my goals seem impossible or complicated....It gave me a blueprint, a blank canvas with a roadmap in my pocket of how I can go and do whatever I want. Now it's just Plan your work and work your plan.
Simple, Easy, Tested and Proven!


- David Pullon, Membership Director, Commerce Club, Greenville, SC

"Tina and Reuben are an enthusiastic and dynamic team.  Their coaching helped me start searching for my lost dreams.  Over the last several years I let life take charge of me, but after their coaching, I have a desire to be in charge of my life and unearth those buried dreams."

- Marilee Blonquist, Greenville, SC



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